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How does someone with no exposure to CrossFit get started with CrossFit at CrossFit North Carrollton? We have the following easy steps!

Step #1
We ask you to complete a Free Introductory WODs (workout of the day). This WOD allows us to get to meet each other, we can discuss your goals, you can ask questions, and get a taste of what a CrossFit style workout can entail.  We do these Introductory WODs by appointment, one on one, and the WOD is tailored to your exact physical fitness level.  This assessment will allow us to determine if this class would be beneficial, or if you can skip and go into the normally scheduled classes.

Step #2
For someone with little to no CrossFit experience we have a gradual segregated on-ramp class you can sign up for.  The on-ramp consists of 6 classes and we work with you on the basic movements, introduce you to the terms, form, scale (lower the intensity be it via shorter time, weight, etc.).  

Step #3
Once the on-ramp is complete you will have built a baseline and you will be able to attack the WODs (workout of the day) 'as prescribed' (meaning without having to scale) and you and your membership will transition to the normal CrossFit classes.

Step #4
Contact us at and sign up for only $199 for the next on-ramp class starting soon, just in time to SHOW OFF YOUR HOT SUMMER BODY!

Not Sure About CrossFit?

Don’t be intimidated
Everyone can do CrossFit and there are an infinite number of ways to scale WODs. The best time to start CrossFit is RIGHT NOW. You will be surprised by what you can already do and you will instantly fall in love with certain movements.

Be patient
Some of the movements–especially the Olympic Lifts–may challenge you more than others. Things like the snatch just take time. Even experienced CrossFitters are always working on technique. With time and consistency, you WILL improve in every movement. Period. It took me forever to just squat decently and I am constantly working on it. We are all works in progress.

Embrace the CrossFit community and have fun
I’ve met so many incredible people through CrossFit and they are unlike others I know–intense, dedicated, immensely supportive and positive. These are people who really gut it out on a daily basis and will stand next to you and support you while you struggle your way through WODs. When you walk into a box, you are all in it together and it’s a shared experience. After you CrossFit for a while, these people will be like your second family.

If you're experienced already with CrossFit then check out our Schedule and Pricing Page next!